• Founded in 1991
• Biotech/pharmaceutical incubator
• Lab: heart of Silicon Valley, California
• Spun out 17 companies, 6 IPO/exits
• 45,000 sq. ft. lab, offices in Sunnyvale
• 15 scientists; drug development specialists
• Major life science disciplines: Medicinal chemistry,
Pharmacology, Molecular biology, Cell Biology



• Panorama identifies, initiates and incubates novel, proprietary bio-medical projects.
• Projects originate from in-house research or by collaboration or license from outside of PRI.
• As projects mature, they may be out-licensed to other companies or provide the basis for a PRI start-up company.


Conception/Initiation Of Pharmaceutical Projects/Molecules

1. Therapeutic human monoclonal antibodies: endotoxin, tetanus, RSV

2. Monocyte colony stimulating factor (CSF1)

3. CAP37, macrophage chemotaxin, wound healing

4. Various TNF inhibitors–organic and protein

5. CAP18/RNIP, lipopolysaccharide binding protein, aka LL-37

6. DHFR inhibitors

7. Cytostatin–glutaminase/asparaginase

8. Radioprotective compounds

9. Diphosphonates

10. MAPPing technology–detection of mRNAs from small #’s of cells using PCR

11. Hepatocyte growth factor

12. Granuloyte colony stimulating factor (G-CSF)

13. Orally active anti-coagulants: poly-sulfated compounds

14. Anti-metastatic enzyme

15. Boronic acid protease inhibitors

16. Plantibodies for enteric infections

17. Novel NMDA receptor blockers

18. Novel neuroprotective compounds

19. Miscellaneous plantibody projects

20. PanozymeTM, VIRILIS®

21. Vaccine for Religious Fundamentalism

22. Trophokines

23. Monobody technology

24. Bi-specific antibodies to target stem cells

25. GTS-21

26. AMS technology

27. Na+/K+ ATPase antibodies for CHF

28. Hepcidin-Fc

29. Prolactin-R antibodies

30. Marinobufogenin (MBG) antibodies

31. Tau antibodies

32. Neurokinin-1 receptor antagonist

33. Somatostatin vaccine for weight gain

34. Novel immunoadhesins (ICAM-1, RAGE, CMG-2)