Panorama provides the following services:

Science support
Business facilities
Science facilities
Business service program
Biotechnology incubation program

 The incubator’s scientific support services include animal care services at subsidized rates, hazardous waste pickup, facilities and support for radiation work, type I deionized water, dry ice, lab reviews, classes and training through the Environmental Health and Safety unit.

Panorama provides the following Contract Research Services:

Antibody Humanization
CHO Cell Line Development
Histology Services
Monoclonal Antibody Production Service
Ascites Production Service

Antibody Humanization

PRI provides antibody engineering and cell line development on a fee-for-service basis—no royalties, no milestones.

PRI utilizes the proven Protein Design Laboratory (PDL) humanization technology. More than 200 rodent monoclonal antibodies have been humanized using this technology with more than a dozen FDA-approved products. In recent years, PRI has humanized 15 murine antibodies; the majority yielded affinities greater than the parent antibodies. Half of these antibodies have entered human clinical trials. No human anti-mouse antibody responses have been reported to date.

Human antibody frameworks are expertly designed by alumni of PDL, with minimal sequence modification and without the reduction in affinity commonly seen by other approaches. Importantly the unique humanized antibody amino acid sequence that results can be patent-protected by the customer.

Histology Services

PRI offers a full wide range of preclinical contract histology and pathology research and development services spanning all aspects of routine paraffin slide preparation, frozen section, cytology, smears, plastic slide preparation, routine and histological special staining, immunohistochemistry, Immuno-fluorescence, antibody optimization, protocol development, digital imaging, and evaluation.

Monoclonal Antibody Production Services

PRI develops and produces monoclonal antibodies according to customer specifications.  Customers receive producer cell clones, which allows them to work with an identical and well-defined antibody for many years. We offer liquid nitrogen storage, as well as all other services necessary to provide you with a new batch of antibody whenever needed.

Ascites Production Services

PRI can produce monoclonal antibodies from ascites fluid, using either a cell line produced through our in-house antibody program or a cell line provided by a customer.

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